Students Scent Detection Highlights

Highlights from a few of our students’ scent dog detection searches at Sniff Alberta’s match last weekend in Calgary:

  • Congratulations to E and Truffle (her young Cocker) on winning High in Trial (for the fastest fault-free search) in the match. This video features their Containers search. Love that indication. You’re a great team and getting better all the time.
  • In Vehicles, D let Zane do the steering, and Zane didn’t disappoint. He catches odor on the start line and carefully tracks it back to pinpoint source under the right light. Since the wind was blowing away from the start line, odor moved from right to left of the screen, pooling in the centre holes on the bumper. Doug’s patience prevented him from calling a fringe alert, as Zane carefully worked out this scent puzzle, decided he’d found source, and showed its exact location with an obvious indication behaviour.
  • In Exteriors, W and Zahra (a young Shepherd) demonstrated solid search and indication.  This video captures their exterior search, where the odor was hidden under a pine cone on the grass, a “non object hide”. It’s a difficult challenge, especially when Zahra had to pass by the area where a previous dog had urinated. This team makes it look easy.
  • In Pre-trials, R and Swift (the Spaniel puppy) passed after only 2 sessions in our scent dog training lab. Of course, we were captivated with their joy and enthusiasm, just as much as watching them find it. Their bird dog costume later in the afternoon was priceless. Well done.

Congratulations to all the teams who tested their scent detection skills at this fun match. I wish we got to watch everyone, and am looking forward to Lisa’s photos. Thank you to Joe Richardson for sharing the judging assignment, Pat Richardson for impeccable organising, and thanks to Sniff Alberta Nosework Club members, volunteers and participants for a fun match.

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From bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Dr. Carla Simon BSc MD MBA's motivational training has helped hundreds of K9 scent detection teams to reach their potential. She's been breeding Brittany Spaniels for Hunter’s Heart since 1999, for scent detection, hunting, and athletic partners for families with an active lifestyle. Follow her Blog at:

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