Our Students

Our scent dog training students include dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and abilities. We have trained dogs with hearing, visual, and muscular impairments, dogs recovering from injuries, reactive and dog aggressive dogs.

Our training techniques have helped our scent dog training students to succeed when tested in nosework competition in Canada & USA. They’ve titled in SDDA, K9 ABC Games and CWAGS, and have achieved High in Trial in UKC Nosework, with titles up to the Elite level.

Here are excerpts of what our scent dog training students have to say about our scent training:

I have been doing nosework training with Carla for approximately two years with two rescue dogs. Both dogs have progressed extremely well with Carla’s guidance. My young dog who has been doing nosework for a relatively short time, was very quickly able to do container and interior searches, and now we’re working on exterior and vehicle searches. My second dog has competed in UKC nosework trials and at this time has obtained her Novice title and is well on her way to achieving her Advanced title.

I enjoy Carla’s classes very much! She has a very positive and encouraging way of instructing, and she always makes sure we and our dogs have fun while learning. Her method of teaching nosework is clear, and provides a very sound foundation, so we see our dogs progress very quickly, with solid indications and the ability to be successful in a wide variety of environments, often with challenging hide locations. Her instruction also gives me insight into how odor travels, and how to be the best handler possible when my dog is searching. My dogs and I are always eager for our next nosework practice, thanks to Carla’s teaching and support.

PR & Willow

Carla Simon has been a superb trainer and I have had exceptional results with my dog as a result of her techniques, discipline and temperament.   Carla has been working with me to train my dog in Scent Detection and her methods have turned our exuberant but frenzied English Cocker Spaniel into a focused worker who passed her Novice title and all levels of Pre-Trials in one trial with four first place runs.

Carla has tremendous experience in training dogs for hunting, scent detection, agility and more.   Most importantly to me, her approach is calm, thoughtful and patient which allows both me and my dog to acquire skills quickly and easily. She has an in depth knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour and motivation enabling both handler and dog to achieve proper techniques and behaviors.

I plan on working with Carla for the foreseeable future and would strongly recommend anyone looking for an exceptional trainer and coach to contact Carla and Hunter’s Heart.

EK & Truffle

Carla has helped me and my reactive terrier to have fun doing nosework. Great atmosphere in class while getting lots of great advice on handling and reading my dog. Recommend to all levels but especially to beginners.


I have a busy long coat German Shepherd puppy who thrives on new experiences. She has been a very driven and energetic puppy, now 13 months old. I had taken her to various obedience courses and felt a need for something different. After a stint in agility classes elsewhere it was clear that what she really loved to do was to sniff, and that she enjoyed her treats, so it was a natural progression to look into nosework.

We approached Hunter’s Heart to help us take advantage of her drive to sniff and to balance out the other activities, as well as to engage in an activity that would build confidence and would continue to build a strong bond between me and my puppy. We have been introduced to a whole new world of fun which she and I now share.

Carla’s primary concern is for the safety and enjoyment of the dog, and she works to help her feel the success of her endeavours, however small at the time, as she pushes her gently to perform at levels she is able to cope with and enjoy. It has been a wonderful mental and physical outlet for her.

It is a thrill to watch my puppy get so excited as she gets ready to perform that she can hardly sit still in anticipation of her next performance. It is a tribute to Carla and her patience that she is able to overlook my puppy’s vocal exuberance and keep the class flowing along and all of us happy.

Carla is so warm and personable, flexible with her time, and gets back to my email communications promptly. She is upbeat, positive and encouraging to us both. The entire experience has been amazing and I would highly recommend Hunter’s Heart for nosework

WP & Zahra

This past April will mark six years since I adopted Keevah, our Dachshund. One of the ways I began helping her gain confidence was to engage her in dog sports. Keevah has tried many different sports that keep her busy and give both of us something fun to do with other dog sport minded people. I have trained dog sports and obedience for over ten years but now I’m having fun being the participant/student. I met Carla when I discovered the club Sniff Alberta that was hosting a Nosework fun trial not far from my house. It was such a fun experience for both myself and my dog, with positive people participating and hosting the event that I immediately joined the club.

Having the chance to learn from an accomplished trainer/competitor like Carla has been quite a thrill. She eagerly shares her knowledge and ensures that both dog and handler are not only progressing at their own pace (no pressure) but are also both having fun.

GN & Keevah

We attended our first nose work class with Carla when our German Shepherd was 9 months old. He immediately displayed a strong interest for nose work. We decided to move forward with semi-private classes and have been working with Carla for over 6 months. We have found her extremely accommodating and flexible. She is also very enthusiastic and is excellent at motivating the dogs.

Carla’s training method is clear, easy to follow and has resulted in our dog progressing quickly through the various levels. If you are interested in trying Nosework, we recommend attending one of Carla’s group classes to see how well she works with the dogs. We look forward to continuing to work with Carla and benefit from her experience and knowledge.

DS & Zane