Bed Bug Inspections

ZZ (centre) is a Brittany Spaniel puppy, in training for bed bug detection, shown retrieving a toy reward, surrounded by brothers Frankie (left), and Jager (right)

Think your property may have bed bugs? Looking for a canine inspection to verify bed bugs? Email Carla at to schedule an appointment in the Calgary area. Rates start at $100/hour + tax.

Bed bug infestations are a growing concern in residences, hotels, offices, theatres, libraries, laundromats and public transportation (1), in many areas of the world (including Canada, USA, Australia and the UK). It is crucial to detect bed bugs early, before they spread. The longer an infestation is left untreated, the more widespread it becomes, increasing the difficulty and cost of extermination. Entomologist Richard Cooper comments: “During the early stages of an infestation, bugs tend to be located in very close association with beds and/or upholstered furniture. As populations increase in age and size, however, the likelihood of finding bed bugs in unpredictable areas away from host feeding sites increases”(2).

Bed bugs (aka Cimex lectularius) are difficult to detect, since they hide inside box springs and cracks in mattresses, and other crevasses, emerging at night to feed on the host’s blood.

K9 Bed bug detection is the most cost-effective method for rapidly and conveniently inspecting large areas. For example, bed bug detection dogs can regularly screen planes and hotel rooms, detecting any infestation before it spreads, minimizing both costs and negative customer experiences. They are also invaluable on airplanes and cruise ships, where they can rapidly search the entire area in a much shorter time than humans could visually inspect.

Bed bugs may feed every 2 weeks, and their eggs require 7-10 days to hatch. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine when bed bugs have been eliminated. The highly sensitive nose of a bed bug detection dog can find a single bedbug, making K9 bed bug detection canines a valuable component of pest control. Bed bug sniffer dogs must be able to detect live bed bugs and ignore any dead bugs, spotting (bed bug feces produced after digestion of blood) and any shed skins of nymphs, remaining after extermination is completed.

For detailed travel tips to prevent and limit bed bugs, and steps to take if you know you’ve been exposed, visit the forums (3).


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