Tracking Classes Open for Registration in Calgary

Wonder if your dog would be good at Search and Rescue? Want to train your dog to follow the evidence left on the trail behind a tracklayer? Registration is open now for

SATURDAYS, 1 – 2 pm
Starting Jan. 22, 2022, X 6 weeks

Instructor: Carla Simon
Location: Barrett Dog Sports
$262 + tax
Register at:
Download the printable flyer:

All levels of trackers enjoy this class, with acres of field to track on, only 2 km East of Calgary. Your instructor is Carla Simon, a professional sniffer dog trainer with CKC field and urban tracking titles. Our approach is so straightforward and fun that puppies can start at 8 weeks and dogs of all ages progress quickly.

Andre’s Indication Training Demonstration (from beginning at 8 weeks to a preliminary understanding at 4 months)


This is a mixed-level class. The more homework you do, the faster you’ll be able to progress.

•           Beginner-Intermediate dogs will prepare you for your first CKC/AKC tracking test, Search and Rescue, or just having fun. No previous experience is required, as long as your dog enjoys the food or toy rewards. We’ll start indoors, training your dog to indicate a glove/evidence. Then we’ll do scent pads and motivational tracking outdoors in the fields. For most teams, we rely on putting foor rewards in every footstep (or toys where the dog strongly prefers). We will set your dog up for success and build drive for tracking, instead of correcting them for going off track.

•           Advanced dogs will start with an assessment, and then we’ll tailor indication training and tracks to your level.


Classes will run, rain or shine, so come dressed for the weather. We recommend dog booties and coats. ALL dogs must track on a tracking harness (recommended) or buckle collar. Please bring three cheap gloves, a hungry dog, lots of high-value food rewards, and water.

We recommend a 15-40 ft Biothane longline. If you purchase from Wendy Krenzel at, ask her for Carla Simon’s student discount, and she will deliver to Calgary with a lifetime guarantee. If you can’t get one on time, you can borrow one at the first class. I’ll provide 5 flags to get you started.


Dog-dog interactions are never allowed. All dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times, so it’s safe for everyone. Do not let your dog approach any other animal. There is zero tolerance for aggression, which may be immediately excused without a refund. Dogs must wait in your car until it’s their turn to track, like real tracking competitions and deployments.



Phone: (403) 860-5763