The Dog’s Role

Photo of box #1 of a container search

In the nosework lab, the dog’s job is to search the area and find the food bowl and/or target odor. He should:

  • Put his nose as close to the food bowl and/or target odor as possible.
  • Be “obedient to odor”, rather than focussing on the handler to follow obedience commands
  • Return to the food bowl for several rewards
  • Stay at the food bowl until lured away. We never want the dog to choose to leave the food bowl and/or target odor. After several rewards, your instructor either sticks food on his nose and lures him away (or removes the bowl).
  • Most importantly, the dog should be having fun, so that his confidence, motivation and nosework skills will increase over time.
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Dr. Carla Simon is a Scent Detection Instructor, Certifying Official (UKC Nosework), and President of Sniff Alberta. She’s been breeding and training scent dogs for Hunter’s Heart since 1999. Carla's evidence-based, motivational training has helped hundreds of scent dogs to reach their potential, with target odors ranging from human scent to bed bugs. Follow her Nosework & K9 Scent Detection Blog at:

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