How to have the most fun with your dog? Nosework/Scent Dog Training Compilation 2016

Nosework can be the most fun you ever had with your dog!  We’ve received many requests to help nosework students explain why they love nosework to people who don’t even know the dogsport exists. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so we hope you enjoy this video compilation.

Nosework is an exciting new dogsport. We use scent dog training techniques similar to those employed to teach law enforcement dogs to detect narcotics and explosives, to teach pet sniffer dogs to search for legal substances.

Nosework (aka Scent Detection) is all about you and your dog. There is nothing like the “high” you get from being completely in touch with your dog. It builds a stronger bond with your dog, because you learn to trust his amazing nose. And it provides a fascinating challenge.

Every dog can do nosework. All ages, sizes, breeds, reactive dogs and dogs with mobility challenges are welcome. We’ve trained deaf dogs, dogs recovering from surgery, reactive dogs and puppies as young as 5 weeks. It’s safe mental and physical exercise, for the dogs and their humans. No matter the weather, you can play nosework every day, even while you’re travelling. Supportive friends help each dog to succeed. You never know what to expect; that’s part of the fun.

Thank you to all of our students, Sniff Alberta members, supporters, officials and dogs, for so many joyful memories. Media: Furever Reflections, Hunter’s Heart, Sheila Booth, Jill Gibbs, Monica Becher, Marta Ferguson, Christina Bunn, Epidemic Sound, Writer/Producer: Carla Simon.


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