Nosework Train Your Puppy to Search for Scent

Watch a puppy’s first training session in “Nosework – How to Train your puppy for scent work”. This 8 week old Brittany Spaniel puppy from Hunter’s Heart Kennels is shown in his first scent training session in our nosework training lab. You can start nosework training with your pet as soon as he enjoys food rewards, from 5-8 weeks. But pet dogs of all ages enjoy nosework training, including older dogs, reactive dogs and dogs with physical challenges.

Inspired by Andrew Ramsey’s training techniques, the puppy watches while we hide a bowl of food. We add odor as soon as the puppy is having a positive experience, and gradually increase the difficulty. Within 1 or 2 sessions, we’ll quickly transition from searching for food paired with odor, to searching for target odor only. It doesn’t take long for puppies/dogs to catch on, and every success teaches the dog to love searching for scent.

Once your dog loves to find odor, you don’t have to worry about making him stay there. He’d be crazy to leave! So someday when the handler doesn’t know where the odor is hidden, the dog will show him the location again and again. Rewards and consistency are the keys to building drive and motivation.

Follow us to watch dogs progress from first training session in nosework to Elite international nosework competition. Learn how to train your scent dog at: Or if you’re in Calgary, drop-in for nosework or register for one of our classes at Kayenna Kennels.

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