Nosework Theory 101 – Feb. 24, 2017 (Calgary)

Wonder how scent works? Learn about the science behind olfaction and how dogs learn scent detection. Topics include:

  • What is Scent detection?
  • Nosework demonstration
  • How scent works
  • Canine olfaction and muscle memory
  • How dogs learn and how best to teach them
  • Breaking down components of a dog’s search
  • Why we don’t use a verbal command to teach dogs to search
  • Why you need an indication and how to choose one
  • Statistical reliability of scent detection teams
  • Nosework Q&A

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Presented by HUNTER’S HEART
Train Your Scent Dog:
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About carlalsimon (84 Articles)
Dr. Carla Simon is a Scent Detection Instructor, Certifying Official (UKC Nosework), and President of Sniff Alberta. She’s been breeding and training scent dogs for Hunter’s Heart since 1999. Carla's evidence-based, motivational training has helped hundreds of scent dogs to reach their potential, with target odors ranging from human scent to bed bugs. Follow her Nosework & K9 Scent Detection Blog at:

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