Scent 101 SCENTSCAPES Presentation

Get a glimpse into your dog’s fascinating world of scent – Fri. Jan. 5, 2018, in Calgary
Scentscapes & Scent Theory 101, presentation (no dogs) – $50.00

There’s a whole world of scent, which allows dogs to detect everything from bombs to cancer. But because air is invisible, humans are generally unaware. Scentscapes videos show how scent flows in common search environments, according to airflow, aging, convergence, temperature, & humidity impact scent. Watching Scentscapes videos will teach your more than you’ll ever learn from a book!

We’ll explore:

  • What is Scent Detection?
  • How scent works
  • See how scent travels, according to the wind and environment
  • Canine olfaction and muscle memory
  • How dogs learn and how best to teach them
  • How to Train, Trust and Test scent dogs to minimize false alerts and maximize statistical reliability

This presentation is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about scent. Get answers to your questions and/or improve your nosework handling, so you can get your canine partner where he needs to be to find scent.

Presenter: Dr. Carla Simon
Location: Kayenna Kennels, Calgary. 9827 Horton Road SW (Directly Behind CalAlta Glass, Google map:
To register, email: (Phone: 403-608-1590)

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