How to Enter a UKC Nosework Trial

This 33 minute tutorial explains how to enter a UKC Nosework Trial, using Sniff Alberta’s Premium list and entry forms as examples. It answers FAQ’s including how pre-trials work, whether to enter A or B, and going through all the boxes on the entry form. We complete the entry form for 2 example dogs: a novice dog and handler attending their first nosework competition and an advanced team that has completed some titles at previous events.

For FAQ’s on Entering Your First Nosework Competition visit


  1. UKC Register a mixed breed dog:
  2. UKC Register a purebred dog (already registered with CKC or AKC)
  3. UKC Nosework Rules (effective Jan. 1, 2017):
  4. UKC Entries correction form (you can use this if your dog completes a title after you submitted an entry for another trial and you want to move-up to the next level):
  5. Sniff Alberta trial info
  6. Premium List
  7. UKC NEW Rules and Nosework Entry Form
  8. UKC Online Dog Points Check


Pre-trials: Only need to pass once
Need 2 Q’s in each Element to title

·         Novice Containers

·         Novice Interior

·         Novice Exterior

·         Novice Vehicles

Earn title Novice Nosework = NC + NI + NE + NV

Choosing A vs. B
·         Newbies = A, you down the dog or family member

·         When in doubt enter B, for “Been there, done that” e.g. instructors; already titled at that element at that level, in UKC or another organization

·         If you have your NN and are now entering Advanced Containers – if this is your first entry in Advanced Containers you would enter Section A.  If you have passed one leg of Advanced Containers you can still enter Section A until earn that title. Don’t t need to move up to B after earning their first pass.

·         Also remember that these sections also apply to handlers. If a handler has earned up to the Master Container with their first dog and wants to start trialing another dog, that second dog will need to run in B until they are competing for a title that handler has not earned.

·          If a Dog has earned up to Superior Nosework title and a different handler wants to trial the dog in Novice for experience, the because the dog has earned the Novice titles, it will also need to compete in B.

·         Once you have passed two legs of Advanced Containers you must enter Section B, since you now have the achieved the title in AC.

·         You can continue to enter Advanced Containers as B even though at some point you may have achieved the Superior Containers.

·         A person entering Advanced Vehicles would enter Section A even if they have a title in, say, Advanced Interior. When this person then enters Superior Containers, they start again in Section A until they receive that title.

·         Move-ups or mistakes – competitor must fill in the form, and give to the show secretary as soon as possible

·         Ask UKC for Points Check on your dog to confirm

·         Take photos of your scoresheets and file them

 Questions? Ask them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help.

2 thoughts on “How to Enter a UKC Nosework Trial”

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  2. Keno question: This video is excellent! Carla does a superb job of explaining the form. Now, I do have a question. I know we have to do the Novice pre-trials. What else should we do? All of the elements? Or, since we are new at this, should we just focus on specific elements for a start? Should we do everything? What do you think Keno will be successful at?

    Answer: You have 4 months to the next Calgary trial, so that’s a great opportunity to generalize to new environments. Suggest test your skills at matches, like our Sniff & Go (Kayenna, Calgary). The next one is February 25th @ 5:00pm Beginner; 7:00pm Advanced and see where you’re at with the Elements. Beginner we’ll offer pretrial and containers. Advanced will offer Interior, Exterior, Vehicle. If your dog is confident in practice then you can enter and trial with confidence.
    Note that since you’ve trained with cocktail of Birch + Anise + Clove + Wintergreen, your dog can recognize the odors for Novice, Advanced and Superior pre-trials. If your dog has the stamina, you can consider getting multiple pretrials out of the way. Pre-trials can also be a good warm up, since they’re pass/fail with no placements. Some handlers put less pressure on themselves to perform when the event is no longer a competition.

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