Scent Maze Video: Can Your Dog Find His Way to Source?

This fun scent maze challenged our advanced nosework students to navigate around gates impeding access to the box containing odor to get to source. Teams were allowed perform this blind search off leash at a distance, and ignored pork distractions near the camera. Thanks Carma, Joe, Pat, Katherine, Mike, May and Theresa for being good sports! You and your dogs rocked it.

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About carlalsimon (84 Articles)
Dr. Carla Simon is a Scent Detection Instructor, Certifying Official (UKC Nosework), and President of Sniff Alberta. She’s been breeding and training scent dogs for Hunter’s Heart since 1999. Carla's evidence-based, motivational training has helped hundreds of scent dogs to reach their potential, with target odors ranging from human scent to bed bugs. Follow her Nosework & K9 Scent Detection Blog at:

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