Calgary Nosework Classes – Video of Keata (Border Collie) Learning to Indicate Scent

Only 6 days left! Register now for Nosework classes starting April 5, Calgary
This video features Keata at our Level 2 (Show Me) Nosework class. Keata (a Border Collie) still indicated the location of scent when we moved containers to a distracting new location. She ignored unplanned distractions when we introduced vehicles and exterior searches. Then we wrapped up with some fun motivational searches. Thanks Gro, for the opportunity to train this fun young dog! Thanks to Joe Richardson for capturing video, and for all of your assistance.

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Instructor: Carla Simon, President, Sniff Alberta and owner of Hunter’s Heart Kennels

About Dr. Carla Simon (132 Articles)
From bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Dr. Carla Simon, MD, BSc, MBA has trained thousands of students around the world, since 1999.

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