Canada’s First Sniffing Dog Sports Nosework Competition, Oct. 7-8, Calgary

Join Sniff Alberta for Canada’s first Sniffing Dog Sports Nosework Competition, Calgary, Oct. 7&8, 2017

You’ll love SDS:

  • Save $. Only 1 pass required to title at a level.
  • Try Before You Buy, or register with SDS now.
  • FUN distance game #1, area search and containers (it’s easier than you think).
  • Les stress. No pre-trial, DOT or ORT required to compete.
  • No new target odors (Birch/Anise/Clove).
  • Start at the level you’re comfortable with: novice for newbies or start in Excellent for a challenge.
  • Try SDS at our informal fun SDS matches. More dates to follow.

Online entries open August 14:
Enter early as we expect to sell out fast.
Judges: Carla Simon & Laurie Leach, Trial Sup: Karyn Eby. Locations: Kayenna Kennels, Calgary and Teamsters Union Hall
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