Hunter’s Heart Black Betty’s Debut

BB sped directly to odor at her debut in Excellent B Nosework (for professionals and experienced handlers) at Sniffing Dog Sports competition in Gig Harbour, Washington. She dived in with an 11 second distance search for third place, and fourth place in Exteriors where scent was hidden under a ladder and up a tree, living up to her promise with tidy professional indications.

The week prior, BB enjoyed testing searches as Dog in White for the first IronDog competition by Sniffing Dog Sports in Napa, California, where she narrowly avoided being stolen by the judge to go hunting.  Hunter’s Heart Black Betty won’t be hunting this fall; she’ll be busy raising her litter of puppies with Boo.

Thank you for fun challenges Karyn Eby, Laurie Leach and all of our scent work friends for your warm hospitality. Thanks Kristy Strunks for the lovely photos. Joe and Pat, we always love to spend a sunny weekend with you, Rocky & Willow. Congrats to all the teams for strong showings.

Now that we’re back home, I can’t wait to judge Sniff Alberta’s first SDS competition Oct. 7-8 at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary! It’s not too late to join us. You can enter online at

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From bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Dr. Carla Simon, MD, BSc, MBA has trained thousands of students around the world, since 1999.

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