Upcoming Scent Dog Training with Hunter’s Heart

Zane, a nosework student, waits for his serch to begin

Classes at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary

Learn nosework at Kayenna Kennels (near Southland and Macleod, Calgary) with a 6-week class.

  • Level 1 – We’ve inspired hundreds of students internationally and can help motivate your dog to find target scent. No previous experience required. Puppies are welcome after their second set of vaccinations.Learn more:
  • Level 2 – Teach your dog to show you the precise location of source, with an indication behavior (usually a down for low hides, or leash pressure to train your scent dog to freeze like a statue with focused attention). Watch Level 2 student, Keata:
  • Leve 3 – Pre-trial preparation with blind searches, and grow your skills as a team. Introduce new challenges: interiors, (exteriors and vehicles when weather permits). It might be the most fun you’ll ever have with your dog

Next Sessions start

  • Wednesday evenings: Jan 24 – March 28
  • Monday afternoons: Jan 8 – March 12

​Instructor: Dr. Carla Simon, Nosework Judge, Sniff Alberta President


Sniff and Go’s

Fit 1 hour of nosework training into your busy schedule Teams will be limited to a manageable number, so please register early to avoid disappointment. No previous experience required. Searches will be tailored to your unique scent dog.

  • Monday afternoons, as space allows
  • January 6          Beginner @ 6:00pm  Advanced @ 7:30 pm
  • January 13       Beginner @ 6:00pm  Advanced @ 7:30pm
  • February dates to be announced


Scent Theory Presentation, Calgary

Date: January 5th (3:30pm – 5:30pm), at Kayenna Kennels (near Southland and Macleod, Calgary), before CWAGs nosework competition.

$50.00 – No dogs please

Learn about the fascinating world of scent detection ( You’ll learn all about scent dog science.

This nosework presentation is suitable for handlers at all levels who want to learn more about the science of scent detection. Topics include:

  • What is Scent detection?
  • How scent works
  • See how scent travels according to the wind and environment.
  • Canine olfaction and muscle memory
  • How dogs learn and how best to teach them
  • Train, trust and verify your scent dog for statistical reliability.
  • Q&A

​Presenter: Dr. Carla Simon, Nosework Judge, Sniff Alberta President

Scent Puzzle Club 2018 – Scent Theory for Canine Nosework Training Online

Regular price $99.99

Introductory Sale – SAVE $50 when you register before Jan 15, 2018

Set up fun Scent Puzzles and visualize the wind with images and footage of smoke grenades – once you see it, you’ll never forget.

  • We’ll show you how to set up each scent puzzle, and explain what makes it easy or difficult
  • Monthly lessons include footage of containers, interiors, exteriors and/or vehicle searches
  • Critically observe other scent dogs searching
  • Debrief so you can explore what happened, and discuss on our private Facebook group
  • Then try the search with your dog, to apply what you’ve learned
  • You’ll learn to read your sniffer dog better once you visualize and understand what’s happening with the Scent Puzzles
  • Challenge yourself to become a better handler by understanding when and where to support your canine partner. Build a foundation for success in any level of nosework competition, including UKC, SDS, SDDA, AKC, K9 ABC Games, CWAGs, etc.

Get the inside scoop – More than 600 people already follow our Nosework Blog. Learn how we’ve inspired hundreds of students to succeed in scent dog training:


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About carlalsimon (84 Articles)
Dr. Carla Simon is a Scent Detection Instructor, Certifying Official (UKC Nosework), and President of Sniff Alberta. She’s been breeding and training scent dogs for Hunter’s Heart since 1999. Carla's evidence-based, motivational training has helped hundreds of scent dogs to reach their potential, with target odors ranging from human scent to bed bugs. Follow her Nosework & K9 Scent Detection Blog at:

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