NEW Scent Dog Foundation Online Course Starts Aug. 1, 2018

NEW Scent Dog Foundation Course – Class begins Aug. 1, 2018. From bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Hunter’s Heart motivational scent training has helped hundreds of teams to reach their potential, since 1999. Learn the secrets to motivate your dog to love searching for odor, whatever your dog’s age or level. We’ll show you how, from fun foundation games with puppies, through imprinting target odor, to indication training. You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes, with examples of puppies and veterans, and varying levels of drive for food and/or toys. Register at:


You’ll have access to all materials for one year. Our Scent Detection Foundation course includes 2 components that work together to train bomb-proof scent dogs that love their work, no matter where work happens


It’s important to train your indication and engagement away from odor, where mistakes are “inexpensive” and won’t adversely affect drive for odor. 

*Fun, motivational games harness natural drives. We’ll share the best games we’ve learned from trainers including Pamela Reid, Absolute Dogs, Penn Vet Working Dog Center, Michael Ellis, Palona Bonac, Susan Garrett, Dave Kroyer, Keri Daun, Kim Collins, and many more. 
*Focus – Learn to teach your dog a focussed stare, so you’ll know exactly where the hide is. We teach indications away from odor in only a few minutes a day, inspired by Scandinavian Working Dog Institute protocols. Your dog will learn to ignore handler movement and distractions to maintain focussed attention
*Play Using Food – How to use food effectively
*Toy Play – Many students think their dogs don’t like to play with balls, until they try our method to build drive for chasing 5 balls, without worrying about retrieving. If your dog doesn’t love it, we’ll show you how to play with food stuffable toys you can buy or make with what you have at home
*Build engagement – use fast, simple, games to transform your relationship with your dog so he wants to work with you.
*Reward events – combine rewards effectively and you’ll both have more fun
Attention – we’ll show you how to train your dog to pay focus on you even if you say and do nothing, as well as a teaching attention on cue
*Impulse control – by default, your dog will not try to steal rewards, but work confidently around them to earn their reward
*Boundary Games – send your dog to a table, matt or crate, independently at a distance, awaiting further instructions. This distance work helps prepare for independent searches and indications
*Environmental distractions – systematically introduce one appropriate challenge at a time so tests will be easy
*Build your bond with your dog and completely transform your relationship
*Don’t work harder. Play harder to set your dog up for success in scent detection, tracking, hunting or dogsports. You’ll totally change your relationship with your canine partner and gel as a team.




Once rewards and foundation behaviors are established, you’ll learn the best way to introduce your dog to target odor, motivate him to search systematically and find the precise location of source (the highest concentration of target odor). We will show you the complete process of imprinting. We start the process at 5 weeks of age with our litters, but it’s never too late to learn scent detection! Follow the proven protocols we use to train all ages and abilities of dogs at our classes. It’s easy, fun, and anyone can do it.
*We’ll show you how to set up your own lab at home, using a minimum of 8-12 cardboard boxes and what you have at home, inspired by Andrew Ramsey’s method
*We’ll show you how to reward properly, so the dog stays at the source
*You’ll teach your dog to recognize the target odor of your choice, or a cocktail of odors
*Your dog will enjoy searching for odor from the very first session, and motivation will build over time
*Your dog will learn to find the precise location of source. No more fringe alerts or “not close enough”
*You’ll learn to reward properly, at source, on time, to establish clarity and rapidly increase understanding
*Avoid future problems such as fringe alerts (close but not at source) and aggressive alerts (box crashing, digging, biting, and retrieving), by setting up perfect scent detection practices, right from the start
*Our foundation course will help you to prepare for scent detection tests, work, certification or nosework competitions (UKC, AKC, CKC, Sniffing Dog Sports, SDDA, K9 ABC Games, CWAGS), handler discrimination or tracking/trailing

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. You’ll get one year of access, including new lessons added weekly. In our private Facebook group, you can discuss your foundation training and get answers to your questions, when it’s convenient for you.

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