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Sorry, the live 2021 webinar is over. Watch the recordings at:

Presenter: Dr. Carla Simon, MD, BSc, MBA

Does your sniffer dog know what to do after they locate scent? Are they focused with rapt attention? Or are you anxious or frustrated about what might happen after the moment of truth, like digging, mouthing, barking, leaving, or quitting altogether?

Motivational indication training can help improve your detection dog’s focus and reliability. In this webinar, you’ll learn the training secrets: 

  • What sniffer dogs wish you knew about indications
  • How to determine if an indication can help your unique dog to achieve your goals
  • Why aggressive alerts are so common
  • How backchaining can be a gamechanger by reducing uncertainty and preventing rehearsals of undesirable behaviors
  • To bark or not to bark? Explore the benefits and disadvantages of various indications in field conditions
  • Envision your ideal indication behavior and set your dog up for success
  • Why you should stop pressuring for longer durations
  • How to have more fun while training a bombproof indication, and
  • Get answers to your questions.

This webinar incorporates highlights from discussions with trainers around the world, around our popular Demystifying Indications webinar, and seminar at the World Detector Dog Organization Annual Conference 2021.

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