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Carla Simon photoDr. Carla Simon is a Nosework Judge and President of Sniff Alberta. She has bred and trained hunting dogs for Hunter’s Heart since 1999, as featured in the Pointing Dog Journal, Dogs in Canada, Clean Run and American Brittany magazines.

Carla’s scientific approach to reliable scent dog training helps handlers to gel with their canine partners, with unmistakable focus, and proven results. Her students have achieved titles from Novice SDDA and C-WAGS up to Elite UKC Nosework, and encompass dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments and abilities.

Carla’s Brittany Spaniels have completed UKC’s Masters Nosework and K9 ABC Games’ Triple Odor Games titles, won Elite High in Trial, and qualified in Iron Dog (Sniffing Dog Sports, USA). Carla completed advanced instructors’ scent dog training with law enforcement and military scent dog trainer, Andrew Ramsey (California, USA). She has trained with Karen Kroyer (Texas, USA), searched for cadaver scent with John Rogerson (United Kingdom), and tracked with Calgary’s Schutzhund club. She supported the Calgary Humane Society as a Behaviour Assessor , chaired the American Brittany Club’s Non-Field Performance Committee (AKC), and was appointed to the Health & Genetics Committee for the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). She is a Contributing Editor for the American Brittany Magazine, and a sought-after speaker who drew a sold-out crowd of more than 600 at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

Nosework is a new and growing dogsport that uses scent dog training techniques similar to those employed to teach law enforcement dogs to detect narcotics and explosives, to search for legal substances. Pet dogs who enjoy sniffing are easily trained using positive, rewards based training to love searching for scent. Scent dog training is a great way to try a new training challenge, build your bond with your dog, and have fun. You can join Hunter’s Heart classes at Kayenna Kennels, in Calgary, Canada, or learn nosework online with custom video coaching.

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