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Carla Simon photoFrom bed bugs to birds, from narcotics to nosework, Dr. Carla Simon BSc MD MBA’s motivational training has helped hundreds of K9 scent detection teams to reach their potential. Carla is currently training bed bug detection candidates for WDDO certification and imprinting narcotics candidates for law enforcement K9 Certification.

Since 1999, Carla has bred and trained hunting dogs for Hunter’s Heart, as featured in the Pointing Dog Journal, Dogs in Canada, Clean Run and American Brittany magazines. She is a Contributing Editor for the American Brittany Magazine, and a sought-after speaker who drew a sold-out crowd of more than 600 at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

Carla is a Scent Detection Instructor (Kayenna Kennels), Certifying Official (UKC Nosework), Sniffing Dog Sports Judge, and President of Sniff Alberta (which has hosted sold-old UKC nosework competitions from 2016-2018). Carla completed basic and advanced scent detection instructor’s training with Andrew Ramsey (California, USA), who trains narcotics and explosives dogs for  military and law enforcement. She has trained with Karen Kroyer (Texas, USA), John Rogerson (UK), and tracked with Calgary’s Schutzund club. Carla’s nosework students are known for their focussed enthusiasm, and have titled from Novice AKC and C-WAGS up to Excellent SDDA (Canada) up to Elite UKC Nosework (USA).

Carla employs an evidence-based approach to train detection dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments and abilities to become reliable scent detection dogs. She appreciates the science underpinning olfaction, scent, and statistical reliability, helping students to understand and apply the latest scientific research to their training.

  • While studying Biology at the University of Western Ontario, Carla’s projects included the social behavior of lemurs to the genetics of fruit flies and the cellular biology, neurology, anatomy, and physiology (structure and function) of mammals.
  • While studying Medicine at the University of Toronto, she studied performance in sports, neurology, and cellular signalling, and assisted numerous nasal (Otolaryngology) procedures and surgeries, including septoplasties to improve nasal airflow.
  • While studying for the Masters of Business Administration , she excelled in applied Statistics and Forecasting.
  • While managing BC Cancer Agency’s Provincial Cancer Prevention Programs, she taught physicians about prevention (where false positives and false negatives are essential to program evaluations).

Additionally, Carla conducted Behavior Assessments for the Calgary Humane Society, onboarding junior assessors. In her capacity as a Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator, she organized Alberta’s first CGN test, and has evaluated PALS prospects, service dogs and pets at events such as Pet Expo. She chaired the American Brittany Club’s Performance Committee (AKC), and was appointed to the Health & Genetics Committee of the CKC.

Carla breeds occasional litters of purpose-bred Brittany Spaniel puppies, for scent detection, hunting, and athletic partners for families that enjoy an active lifestyle. Carla’s Brittany Spaniels have completed: UKC Masters Nosework with High in Trial wins, K9 ABC Games Triple Odor Games title, and qualified in Iron Dog (California, USA). In addition to field and scent titles, Hunter’s Heart Brittanys have won gold at AAC Agility Championships, Best of Breed at the National Brittany Specialty, and achieved numerous Top 5 national rankings in agility, conformation and obedience competition. For example, Hunter’s Heart Brittanys dominated the 2017 CKC national agility rankings: Boo finished 2nd, Vite 3rd and BB finished 4th.

Join Carla’s scent detection classes at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary, Canada or learn scent detection online with Hunter’s Heart’s international students.

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