Back by Popular Demand: Nosework Crash Course Weekend, July 15/16, Hunter’s Heart (Calgary)

Take your nosework to the next level

Juno’s video demonstrates strong commitment to odor in scent work. Sometimes blind searches are confusing for the handler. Juno returns to show the location of target odor repeatedly, making it very obvious where target odor is located, until the rewards appear at source. Even newbies in the audience can read the dog, making handling easier and more fun. Watch Juno’s full video at:

Introduce your dog to nosework, or learn how to improve your dog’s commitment to odor at Hunter’s Heart Nosework crash course weekend seminar, July 15 & 16, 2017 in Calgary.

Beginners – We’ll introduce target odor to your dog in the scent detection lab. Your dog will love nosework, using our fun, highly motivational method that’s proven successful for all types, ages and abilities of dogs up to Elite level international competition. You’ll learn systematic, independent precise searches, where to go and what to do when they get there. This course will prepare you for a pre-trial, odor recognition test, DOT, novice container searches, and Sniff Alberta events. No previous experience required. Puppies can learn nosework as soon as they love food rewards.

Advanced – For teams already searching for odor, we’ll introduce new advanced challenges using methods that increase precision, reliability and fun. Prepare for SDDA, CWAGS, K9 ABC Games, UKC nosework and AKC Scent Work.

  • Introduce vehicles, interior and exterior searches with drive and enthusiasm
  • Build motivation and drive
  • Train a rock-solid indication, and/or
  • Troubleshoot your team’s area of weakness


Did you know we provide custom video coaching so you can learn how to train your nosework dog online? See

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