Scent Dog Training Classes Start Wed.

While it’s cold outside, come join us for some fun nosework! Classes start this Wednesday evening Dec. 13, 2017.  at Kayenna Kennels (near Southland and Macleod, Calgary).

Wednesday Evening Classes

  • Level 1 – We’ve inspired hundreds of students internationally and can help motivate your dog to find target scent. No previous experience required. Learn about how we teach scent dogs at:
  • Level 2 – Show Me – We’ll start training the dog to show you the precise location of the source of target odor with a solid indication behavior (usually a down for low hides, or leash pressure to train your scent dog to freeze like a statue with focused attention). Watch Level 2 student, Keata:
  • Level 3 – Take your nosework to the next level and/or prepare for nosework competitions. Generalize skills and try new challenges: interiors, (exteriors and vehicles when weather permits). It might be the most fun you’ll ever have with your dog

Monday Afternoon Classes

Mixed levels with searches tailored for each team. Classes start Jan. 8, 2018 and run for 6 weeks. To avoid disappointment, please register early, since classes sell out fast. Please note we’re closed Dec. 26 & Jan. 1. Target odor = Birch/Anise/Clove/Wintergreen cocktail. All levels of classes run for 6 weeks and usually sell out in advance. Register at or phone (403)-608-1590.

Find it challenging to fit in 6 consecutive weeks? Try our 1 Hour Nosework Lessons, called “sniff and go”

Sniff & Go

Try nosework, or just to fit some fun sniffing into your busy schedule.

We also offer some additional formats (see below).

Seminars (Half Day Crash Course)

Watch some of our students:

  • January 2, 2018 and/or
  • 3, 2018
  • Novice/Beginner 8-11am
  • Advanced/Excellent 12-4pm
  • No previous experience required. Experienced teams will do searches tailored to their unique needs.
  • $50 per half day/dog Working Spot
  • $25 per half day Audit Spot (no dogs please)
  • Register at or phone (403)-608-1590.

Scentscapes and Scent Theory 101 (Presentation)

Watch the trailer:

Open your eyes to the fascinating world underpinning scent science. There’s almost always wind! You might not be aware of how every breath you take creates airflow and disturbs scent.

To help your scent dog get to where he needs to be to detect the odor, handlers need to understand how scent travels in different environments and predict the best path for a successful search. Watch smoke travel. Discuss videos of actual scent plumes associated with common scent puzzles. Measure wind speed and see the effects of aging time. Explore research on how scent dogs learn and how best to teach them.

Learn Nosework Online

Distance learning, includes coaching and discussion on our private Facebook group

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