Only a few spots left! INTRODUCTION TO NOSEWORK class starts Wed. April 18 (Calgary)

Using the same techniques we use for bed bug and narcotics detection dogs, we’ll motivate your pet dog to love searching for target odor. This video features Jager, a 6-month old Brittany Spaniel, searching for bed bug scent. The start line has containers full of food and the boxes contain distractions. He alerts on the hot box by lying down with nose at source (the highest concentration of target odor). Blog on Jager’s training at:
If you’re in the Calgary area, our INTRODUCTION TO NOSEWORK and pretrial scent work training class, start Wed. April 18.
Level 1 – As soon as your puppies have their shots and will eat solid food rewards, they quickly learn to search for target odors used in nosework competition. No previous experience required. All ages and types of dogs welcome.
Level 2 – How to get your dog to sit at scent (teach an indication behavior)
Level 3 – Pre-trial preparation for competition, including some exterior & vehicle searches
The target odor we use in group classes is Birch + Anise + Clove + Wintergreen cocktail.
Classes at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary (near Southland and Macleod). Instructor: Dr. Carla Simon, Hunter’s Heart Kennels. Info:
Register: (403) 608-1590

Click here to learn how to prepare for your first nosework class and what to expect.

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