Give the Gift of Sniff

Have a dog that loves to sniff or needs a job to do? Curious about how dogs can detect everything from bed bugs to cancer? Learn the basics of scent in our new Scent Detection – Imprinting Target Odor for Beginners online course, starting Jan. 6, 2020:

This course is provides a broad introduction to scent detection. All ages and all types of dogs can learn scent detection. Demonstration videos feature professional bug detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, hunting dogs and pet dogs training for scent detection competition.

You’ll learn how to be a better partner by understanding scent theory e.g. where are challenging hide locations so you can help get your dog to where they need to be to find odor. You’ll experiment with rewards to find the best reward for your dog. You’ll start teaching your sniffer dog to find source at a distance independently, tracking articles and working up to a 10 second indication.


  • Lesson 1: Introducing Scent Detection
  • Lesson 2: Foundation Skills Away from Odor
  • Lesson 3: How to Reward
  • Lesson 4: Searching for Food or Toys
  • Lesson 5: Pairing Food with Odor
  • Lesson 6: Progressing to Indications


What could possibly go wrong? In this online, interactive course, we’ll show you how to avoid common errors. Questions are always welcome so when you run into problems, we’ll help get you back on track ASAP.

No experience is required, and all ages can learn. Dogs’ primary sense is olfaction, and it’s amazingly powerful. Whether you want them to sniff or not, dogs are using their noses to navigate the invisible world of scent. When you harness the power of your dog’s nose, there are many benefits: it’s fantastic exercise, it’s an important outlet for high-drive dogs, it calms dogs by giving them a job to do, decreasing stress and anxiety as they build confidence, it provides environmental enrichment, and it’s an excellent crosstraining activity for working dogs.

Whether your goal is to train your dog for scent detection or nosework tests, put sniffing under stimulus control so that your dog doesn’t sniff during other work such as agility, or improve the quality of your dog’s life, this course will help you achieve that goal. Using the same techniques as for training professional sniffer dogs, you’ll learn how to teach your dog to love searching for target odor, on cue. You’ll also learn to be a better trainer and be more rewarding as you use food, food play, or toys.

Upon completion, you’ll have a solid foundation for competing in sports using scent (including scent detection, tracking, hunting, and handler discrimination). Some teams have even gone on to learning search and rescue or professional detection. Many other teams enjoy sniffing every day, no matter where they are, with minimal equipment and space. It might be the most fun you’ve ever had with your dog.

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