Making Nosework Hides

2 Flash Scholarships – Today Only

It’s your last chance to learn the basics of scent in our new Scent Detection – Imprinting Target Odor for Beginners online course. Class starts tomorrow (Jan. 6, 2020). Register at: ******Thanks to everyone who shared on our web pages. The winners of the free scholarships are: Karen ibbitson and Christine Cowley. Congratulations! ***** …

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Shopping for Nosework Supplies

Question: Where do you buy your shipping labels, cardboard boxes and blotting papers for cocktailing hides? I think I’d like to set up some kind of scent lab in my basement/training area. Answer: Hunter’s Heart sells boxes with circular holes like we use in our scent detection training lab, at: To purchase at reasonable prices near you, …

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Photo of a Dachshund with his nose in a wire fence

Nosework Safety

Have you seen a dog get his head stuck in a nosework box? If you watch a few pre-trial or container searches, you’ll observe that many dogs do. While that’s not faulted and usually causes the audience to smile, it’s a frequent reminder that safety is important in canine nosework. CONTAINER SAFETY Consider what would happen if a dog …

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Photo disposable pipettes

Making Cocktailed Hides

Once your dog is searching for odor, you’ll need some hides in order to practice nosework at home. (A “hide” is the package of target odor inside a ventilated container that is hidden in the search are for the dog to find e.g. pre-scented piece of blotting paper inside a metal tin or a cotton …

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Photo of hide in nosework box, nosework kit and essential oils stored in tackle box

Storing Scent

Storing your scent properly is important to your success in nosework. You always want to know where odor is, and where it isn’t. Here are some key tips. One of the first things you’ll notice is the importance of labelling everything. Always label cold boxes and mark the odor on all containers with scent. For …

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