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It’s your last chance to learn the basics of scent in our new Scent Detection – Imprinting Target Odor for Beginners online course. Class starts tomorrow (Jan. 6, 2020). Register at: https://www.cleanrun.com/category/learning_center/agility_instructors/carla_simon_online_classes/index.

******Thanks to everyone who shared on our web pages. The winners of the free scholarships are: Karen ibbitson and Christine Cowley. Congratulations! *****

If you’re interested in a scholarship for free registration, like this blog post (below) and you’ll be entered in the draw to win a scholarship. The draw happens tonight (11 pm MST on Sunday, Jan. 5) and winners will be announced Monday Jan. 6.

In return for free Premiere registration, scholarship winners agree to videotape their training sessions, and post them on the course website. (That’s a minimum investment of posting 18 min of videos of you training your dog in scent detection foundation skills over 6 weeks).

All ages and all types of dogs can learn to find target odor. The most important thing is to make training fun.

Our scent beginners course provides a broad introduction to scenting, including motivating your dog to love searching for odor, imprinting target odor, introducing tracking and basic scent theory.

You’ll experiment with rewards to find the best reward for your dog. You’ll start teaching your sniffer dog to find source at a distance independently, tracking articles and working up to a 10 second indication. You’ll learn how to be a better partner by understanding the basics of scent theory, so you can help get your dog to where they need to be to find odor.


  • Lesson 1: Introducing Scent Detection
  • Lesson 2: Foundation Skills Away from Odor
  • Lesson 3: How to Reward
  • Lesson 4: Searching for Food or Toys
  • Lesson 5: Pairing Food with Odor
  • Lesson 6: Progressing to Indications

Demonstration videos feature dogs of all ages, including bed bug detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, tracking dogs, hunting dogs and pet dogs training for sporting detection and dogsports.


What could possibly go wrong? In this online, interactive course, we’ll show you how to prevent common errors. You can post videos of your training sessions for feedback. And questions are always welcome so when you run into problems, we’ll help get you back on track ASAP.

Upon completion, you’ll have a solid foundation for scent detection, tracking, hunting, handler discrimination, nosework and scent sports.

Learn more at: https://www.cleanrun.com/category/learning_center/agility_instructors/carla_simon_online_classes/index.cfm

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