Nosework Lesson #1 is Motivation! Register now for Feb. 22 Classes

Watch our students enjoying their motivational introduction to scent at their first nosework class.  Our approach is to make target odor so rewarding it would be crazy to leave. Dogs understand the nonverbal language and cues we use, such as having them watch while we hide a bowl filled with high value food rewards. Our scent detection training lab is designed to produce independent, systematic searches for target odor. Dogs quickly learn to love searching and finding scent.

Register now for Nosework classes starting Feb. 22 at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary by emailing Details at: Please register early, since classes are limited to ensure lots of hands-on practice. Click here to learn how to prepare for your first nosework class and what to expect.

Or learn more about the fascinating world of scent, attend our Nosework Theory seminar on Feb. 24:

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