Scent Theory

2 Flash Scholarships – Today Only

It’s your last chance to learn the basics of scent in our new Scent Detection – Imprinting Target Odor for Beginners online course. Class starts tomorrow (Jan. 6, 2020). Register at: ******Thanks to everyone who shared on our web pages. The winners of the free scholarships are: Karen ibbitson and Christine Cowley. Congratulations! ***** …

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Clever Hans was presented to an audience in 1904

Avoiding the Clever Hans Phenomenon in Scent Detection

This blog has been updated in the IAABC Journal, Spring 2020: Clever Hans was a horse who became famous for answering math questions by counting with his hoof (1). For example, when asked what’s the square root of nine, he tapped his hoof three times. He was featured by the New York Times and …

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Zane, a nosework student, waits for his serch to begin

Upcoming Scent Dog Training with Hunter’s Heart

Classes at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary Learn nosework at Kayenna Kennels (near Southland and Macleod, Calgary) with a 6-week class. Level 1 – We’ve inspired hundreds of students internationally and can help motivate your dog to find target scent. No previous experience required. Puppies are welcome after their second set of vaccinations.Learn more: Level 2 – …

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Photo of Smarties candies sorted by color

Why Scent Travels

Why does scent disperse, instead of just staying inside the hide? It’s a law of nature. Scent spreads out. Read on if you want to learn more about the science behind scent dispersion, and what it has to do with the Smarties in the picture. SCENT DISPERSION AND ENTROPY Scent disperses because of the Second …

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Photo Brittany Spaniel puppy Saddle demonstrating drive and motivation, the basis of obedience to odor

Obedience to Odor

Our scent detection training is based on obedience to odor. That might sound pretty scary, but it’s all based on rewarding your dog. A dog that’s obedient to odor is obedient to his nose. He’s irresistibly drawn to the target odor and is highly motivated to get to source (the highest concentration of target odor). Dondi …

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Scent Detection Terms in Scent Detection

A “hide” is the package of target odor inside a ventilated container that is hidden in the search are for the dog to find. The photo shows a very common type of hide, made from blotting paper scented with target odor inside a metal tin with magnets, which easily secure the hide to a metal surface. Other favorite hide containers include metal tins with holes, shipping labels, plastic tubes, etc..